proud-american-bitch asked:
Just found your blog and I'm in love ♡♡ And just want to say your awesome and beautiful!!!

Thank you dear! That brightened up my day a ton (:

Anonymous asked:
Hey I'm a girl, like you and I'm thinking about switching from cigarette to chew and I was wondering what's the best kind of chew. Btw I currently smoke marlboro golds (lights)

Hey, well my friend did the same thing and she started on Grizzly Wintergreen pouches. I never smoked, just went straight to dip but I went Grizz green to Copenhagen. If I were you, I would start out with something like Skoal. They have a ton of fruity flavors and then once you get used to it, move to wintergreen 

Being a female in the military is hard enough but when you’re in a male dominated career field, it’s even harder. They are all watching and waiting for me to mess up. I’m under a microscope and it’s the most stressful thing in the world

mikeybiggz asked:
Thank you for serving our country.

You are welcome and thank you for supporting. There’s a lot of people that don’t agree with what we are doing and we get a lot of hate from them. It’s nice to see someone who appreciates us


Typical western landscape!

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Chazz and his cows

Anonymous asked:
What do you look like when your naked

Like this…but with out clothes on 

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